3, 2, 1…you are live, online!

F I N A L L Y !  you are probably thinking?   This is our little spot on the World Wide Web…our little potato patch on the mega farm of connectivity…

We chose blogging, because we thought we could keep you informed of our many SPUD adventures throughout the year.   We will try to update this blog at least weekly, or whenever time permits and whenever we are motivated to do so.

Its January and we are itching to get started baking our delicious SPUDS for you this year.   At the moment we are scheduling our events, festivals, farmers’ markets, etc. for the coming year and I can tell you we will be busy…but we love it!   Our first scheduled outing isn’t until Easter at the Canada Agricultural Museum at the Experimental Farm in Ottawa.

We had tried to get a spot during Winterlude (Ottawa’s winter festival), but have been turned down AGAIN!   We thought it would be a no-brainer eating hot delicious SPUDS on the canal or at the ice structures at Confederation Park…imagine it, sunny day, skating on the canal, feeling hungry and a bit cold, grabbing a hot baked potato, lots of butter, cheese, or whatever, warming up your tummy, leaving you with a satisfied glow!  But it wasn’t to be.  

If you want us at Winterlude, contact the NCC!!!

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