All the fun at the fair…

Metcalfe Fair this weekend, can’t believe its here again, time flys!

Double spudding this weekend…Carp Farmers’ Market (Saturday open til 3.00pm for the new Harvest Festival)…Ottawa Farmers’ Market (Sunday) and the Metcalfe Fair (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Drop by for baked spuds, wedges, our world famous hot apple cider from Hall’s Apple Orchard in Brockville, and delicious fair trade coffee.   Don’t forget our delicious and popular breakfasts at both Farmers’ Markets.

At the Fair we will be in our usual spot next to the Lion’s canteen, in our distinctive purple trailer.  The spud oven will be at the Farmers’ Markets.

So, if you fell like some country air, activities centred around farming, midway, popcorn, cotton candy and the country life, or just want a great freshly baked spud or wonderful wedges, point your chariat south (from Ottawa) and drop by…you’ll be glad you did!


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