fall into fall

As the leaves turn brilliant reds, yellows and oranges, our busy 2010 spud season is coming to an end.  What a season its been.  Spudding at Highland Games, Bluesfest, Folk Festival, Canada’s Agricultural Museum, Maple Fest, Carp Farmers’ Market and Ottawa Farmers’ Market to mention a few. 

Lots of spuds, lots of wedges and lots of happy people!

There are only 12 market days left (3 at Carp and 9 in Ottawa at Lansdowne Park) and the Halloween weekend at the Canada’s Agricultural Museum.

As winter draws in, spudding shifts to the Hot Lunch Programs at local schools.  It’s something we’ve been doing for several years, providing baked potatoes and salads to hungry school children as part of their Hot Lunch Program.  Baked potatoes and salads give children a nutritious and wholesome lunch packed with energy and goodness.  Plus we’ve learned >>> KIDS LOVE BAKED POTATOES!

A welcome change from the usual hot dog or pizza lunch.

Also, we support and meet the new Ontario regulation 200/08 “trans fat standards” and “school food and beverage policy” effective September 2011.

Click on this hot lunch promo 2010  to get the menu options on offer.  NEW this year are our  Hummus and Veggie Plate.  hot lunch promo 2010 hummus.

If you think your child’s school Hot Lunch Program needs something new and exciting…give us a call!

— Happy Spudding Spud’eads —

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