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the food

Ahhh, the food…the best part!



If you haven’t guessed by now, we bake and serve BAKED POTATOES!  Simple, healthy, delicious, filling, satisfying comfort food!

Baked fresh and slow, each potato is cooked in our distinctive potato baking oven. 

Our HOT POTATOES are topped or stuffed with a variety of cold and hot toppings…being at farmers’ markets, we have access to the freshest and highest quality produce and ingredients, which is good for you, us and the local economy.

The cold toppings include beautiful fresh vegetables prepared each day such as tomato, mushroom, broccoli and cheeses (shredded and hot sauce). Add a few tasty bits such as bacon bits, chives, olives, salsa, sour cream and  the combinations are endless.

The hot toppings include baked beans, cheese & broccoli, veggie chili, and cheese/mushroom melt…yummy, my stomach is rumbling writing this!

We are always experimenting with new exciting toppings…stay tuned.   CHECK OUT OUR NEW DELICIOUS AND SOMETIMES UNUSUAL  TOPPINGS, NOT WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT ON A SPUD!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for toppings, then shout!

And then there are the WEDGES!

These bad boys are hand cut, brushed with sunflower oil and covered with herbs and spices…then oven baked, NOT FRIED…a healthy french fry, so to speak!

Try them with the HOT POTATO toppings or our own garlic, curry or mayo dipping sauces or on there own with ketchup/vinegar etc.!

NEW THIS YEAR…sweet potato wedges!   Sweet and full of delicious goodness.


New last year, we introduced at some locations, baked mini or baby potatoes. We brush them with sunflower oil, add rosemary and sea salt…then oven bake.   These are delicious with our own garlic, curry or mayo dipping sauces or on there own with ketchup/vinegar etc.!

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